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Growing enough food to feed 3 billion more people by the year 2050 while protecting the planet will be a significant challenge.  The pressure of rising global food demand and the need to preserve and conserve land, water and wildlife will make recognizing and rewarding sustainable agricultural commodities critically important.  Already a large number of food retailers and processors have committed to pursuing policies to measure and improve the sustainability profile of their products.  The private market is asking for the means to help accurately capture and report sustainability data.

True sustainability is measured by looking at the triple bottom line: economic, environmental and social progress.  To meet the challenge ahead, the attributes of scale and efficiency need to be added to the definition of "sustainability".  By harnessing the power of the same technology that lets today's farmers grow more food using less resources, we can measure sustainability attributes in ways not possible before.

TBL Commodities serves as a reliable resource partner in meeting these companies needs to measure and improve the sustainability profile of the agricultural products they make and sell.

TBL Commodities members have direct experience in blending precision agriculture with generosity toward employees and the local community.  We look forward to using this knowledge to ensure the needs of the private marketplace are met.

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