About Us

Triple Bottom Line (TBL) Commodities is an elite network of commercial, strategic agricultural producers of corn, wheat, soybeans, pork, beef, dairy and eco-ethanol engaged in creating value for members around sustainability issues.  Beyond shaping the debate, TBL Commodities is creating a business niche that understands, influences and facilitates the sustainability measurement needs of food processors and retailers while adding value to growers.  As one of the few grower members of The Sustainability Consortium, we are working directly with university researchers, food retailers and processors to create a sustainability measurement system.

We are deeply committed to excellence across the economic, environmental and social aspects of sustainability.  As a result, we embrace the concepts of continuous improvement and learning.  We strive to be on the cutting edge of agricultural sustainability on our farms and within our communities.

We serve as a reliable resource partner in meeting your need to measure and improve the sustainability profile of agricultural products you make and sell.

TBL Commodities is a project of Vela Environmental, a consulting firm that helps clients make meaningful progress on the most difficult environmental challenges.  To learn more about Vela, check out our website: www.VelaEnvironmental.com





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